Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Benefits of Referring to a Technology Blog

The past decade has seen a boom in the internet industry. While access to internet is now prevalent in most countries, the overall infrastructure has improved everywhere. Wireless LANs have replaced old telephone modem routers and mobile internet and 3G has more subscriptions than ever before. A person today may go online just to check his mail or go online and search the best selling Smartphones. Cheap reliable and always available, the Internet has surely changed the world. With all these advantages, every person wants to have an online presence, be it for business or just a personal blog. This has in turn made owning a portal on the web easier, resulting in many websites springing up in every niche you can imagine. One such popular niche which has truly got the eyeballs of many is technology, giving rise to many blogs which fall under the category of a technology blog.

A tech blog is a web page or a collection of web pages and can be considered as a cross between a news website and a tech mash up. A technology blog often has information with news from the tech niche and offers a wide range of services. From comparisons of budget laptops to personal views, it has it all. The thing about such blogs is that they are plentiful in number, giving users a chance to have access to a variety of news. Today, we are living in a place surrounded by gadgets and instruments which were only dreamt of in the past. You are currently reading all this on your laptop or PC or even your mobile, using one of the many cheap wireless routers you bought online. Few years ago, all this was in print, in a newspaper or some glossy magazine. As technology advances, so do the gadgets. People often visit a technology blog to read about products which they intend to buy or simply to check out the latest happenings in the tech world.

Smartphones and the features incorporated in them today are phenomenal. Every new launch has a number of features never heard of before. Most blogs provide an in depth review on the best Smartphones helping you to choose the right phone. Talking about Smartphones, another thing that has seen radical changes is the Laptop. These are lighter, better looking and are made by hundreds of manufacturers claiming to be the best. A technology blog helps you buy cheap laptops without compromising on features. You no longer have to go from one store to another, getting to know the best price and features for your gadget.

E-commerce websites often depend on such blogs as they act as the link between the product and the supplier. They usually have tie ups with tech blogs and offer heavy discounts and perks for users who buy a product referring the blog. To give you an example, apart from informing you about the best cheap wireless routers 2013, a technology blog will provide you with the best review and place to buy it from.

Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux - Tutorial for All

Whether you are an end user, a system administrator, or a little of both, this book explains with step-by-step examples how to get most out of an Ubuntu system. The book is designed for a wide range of readers, appropriate for:

    Home Users
    System administrators
    Computer Science

A "Practical guide to Ubuntu" gives you a broad understanding of many facets of Linux. No matter what your background, this book provides the knowledge you need to get on with your work. This book explains how to use Linux from graphical interface and from the command line. This book is designed so you can get the most out of it in the least amount of time. You do not have to read this book straight through in page order. Look up a topic of interest in the table of contents or in an index and read about it. The book includes many pointers to Web sites where you can obtain additional information.The Linux operating system, which was developed through the cooperation of many, many people around the world, is a product of the Internet and is a free operating system. In other words, all the source code is free. You are free to study it, redistribute it, and modify it. As a result, the code is available free of cost-no charge for the software, source, documentation, or support.

A rich selection of applications is available for Linux-both free and commercial-as well as a wide variety of tools: graphical, word processing, networking, security, administration, Web server, and many others. Large software companies have recently seen the benefit in supporting Linux and now have on-staff programmers whose job it is to design and code the Linux kernel, GNU, KDE, or other software that runs on Linux.Also important to users is the amount of software that is available-not just source code (which needs to be compiled), but also pre-built binaries that are easy to install and ready to run. These programs include more than free software. Netscape, for example, has been available for Linux from the start and included Java support before it was available from many commercial vendors. Its sibling Mozilla/Thunderbird/Firefox is also a viable browser, mail client, and newsreader, performing many other functions as well.

All this is only one small parted of book. Chapters covered in this Book:

    Working with Ubuntu Linux
    System administration
    Clients and servers